Geopersia   is published biannually by the College of Science, University of Tehran, Iran.  The College of Science published Journal of Science, which covered all fields of basic science, from 1968 to 2010. It was then decided that the College’s journals should be more specialized, and hence publication of Geopersia was launched.  Articles printed in Geopersia will be available online too.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2020, Pages 1-225 

2. Hydrochemistry and stable isotopes study of the precipitation at Haraz Basin, north of Iran

Pages 23-39

Abdollah Shamsi; Gholam Karami; Azizolah Taheri; Daniel Hunkeler

7. The effect of nano-Kaolinite on liquefaction resistance of liquefiable sand

Pages 101-113

Rasool Yazarloo; Mashalah Khamechiyan; Mohammad Nikudel

8. On certain Neocomian – Aptian calcareous algae in the West of Kopet Dagh (NE-Iran) – Systematics and compared biogeography, focusing on Dasycladales

Pages 115-134

Leili Fateh Bahari; Mohammad Hosein Gharaie; Filippo Barattolo; Marc Andre Conrad; Reza Muossavi Harami; Asadollah Mahboubi

10. A clustering approach for mineral potential mapping: A deposit-scale porphyry copper exploration targeting

Pages 149-163

Mohammad Javad Rezapour; Maysam Abedi; Abbas Bahroudi; Hossain Rahimi

12. Structural evidence on strike slip Kinematic inversion of the Kushk-e-Nosrat Fault zone, Central Iran

Pages 195-209

Sedighe Khodaparast; Saeed Madanipour; Reza Nozaem; Khaled Hessami

13. Palynology of the Permian succession from the Ajabshir area (Azerbaijan, Central Iran): a preliminary report

Pages 211-225

Amalia Spina; Simonetta Cirilli; Andrea Sorci; Geoff Clayton; Valerio Gennari; Mansour Ghorbani; Mohsen Ghorbani; Masoud Ovissi; Giacomo Rettori; Roberto Rettori

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