Early Carboniferous (Mississippian) miospore assemblage from Persian Gulf, Southwest Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran, Iran


A Mississippian miospore assemblage has been recorded from well A in the Persian Gulf in Iranian offshore, for the first time. Fifteen species of spores have been recognized in the Early Carboniferous assemblage of this well which the most important of them are: Spelaeotriletes arenaceus, Aratrisporites saharaensis, Spelaeotriletes balteatus, Spelaeotriletes triangulus and Radiizonates arcuatus. Comparing this assemblage with their coevals from the North Africa, Middle East, western Australia and South America reveals a very close similarity indicating the Gondwanic nature of the assemblage. Also, the Carboniferous strata in this area can be correlated with the Berwath Formation in Saudi Arabia. Based on the palynological data two hiatuses have been rcognized at the base and top of the Carboniferous strata.


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