Author = Khamechiyan, Mashalah
The effect of nano-Kaolinite on liquefaction resistance of liquefiable sand

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 101-113


Rasool Yazarloo; Mashalah Khamechiyan; Mohammad Nikudel

Evaluation of soil pollution sources using multivariate analysis combined with geostatistical methods in Zanjan Basin, Iran

Volume 9, Issue 2, November 2019, Pages 293-304


Mehdi Boroumandi; Mashalah Khamechiyan; Mohammad Reza Nikoudel; Mohsen Mohammadzadeh

Characterization of regional land subsidence induced by groundwater withdrawals in Tehran, Iran

Volume 3, Issue 2, December 2013, Pages 49-62


Masoud Mahmoudpour; Mashalah Khamehchiyan; Mohammad Nikudel; Mohammad Gassemi